Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gettin' Crafty

My mind goes a million miles an hour, constantly thinking of all the crafty things I want to do. This is also the case with cleaning/organizing. To most people, things probably look clean and organized but they definitely aren't up to my OWN standards. Thanks to the return of my BFF Epstein-Barr (a.k.a. NO ENERGY) I might have 1 in 5 productive days where I do more than play with Robby, straighten up, deal with laundry, and wipe off the counter. Most of the time, these days, all I have to do is look at Robby and I get tired (he is one heavy boy, and no match for my complete lack of energy). So, you can imagine I get pretty excited/proud of myself when I actually do a fun project/craft in addition to lugging myself and my plump little babe around all day. My only question is HOW do these crafty moms with 6 kids whip out a project a day while keeping their house squeaky clean and no sign of baby spit up on them or their carpets? Maybe I will understand when I am blessed with the energy of a normal person. Anyway, here are a few of the recent projects I have been working on.

Family Room Toy Basket:
I started with this big basket ($13.99 at Ross). I wasn't about to pay what it costs for a cute, giant basket somewhere else. Plus, everything in my house is dark brown, tan, or black. I was in the mood for some color. A little spray paint and we're all set.
 Some of my most recent cards:
 These are a set of thank-you's I made for my friend who is getting married. I've made at least a hundred in the last few weeks and I LOVE it. I'll never find a use for all of them, but that's okay.
Halloween Feather Wreath:
After finally experiencing Hobby Lobby (my sisters were right, it's amazing), I was able to make this big Halloween wreath I had been envisioning in my crafty thoughts. I quite like it, myself. Nothing tacky. Not expensive. Not hard. My kind of crafting.

I have a thousand more ideas for crafty things/projects/organizing that I want to do, I'll just have to wait until that energy finds me or I find some crafty friends to motivate me.